The customer has 7 days from receipt to voluntarily withdraw of your purchase; During those 7 days, returns will be accepted only for reasons attributable if the delivered product does not correspond to that requested by the customer.
Performing the return within that period, the purchase must be returned with all its components, with its original packaging, with its original seal unbroken, with all accessories and in perfect condition. Will not accept returns of products that do not come with all their components, with their original packaging, used or manipulated and will not authorize the return of products that can be reproduced or copied, such as software, unless these are faulty. Zimexport.com shall refund or change the order amount after verifying that the goods meet the above conditions. In the case of commercial returns the customer must bear the cost of transport. To request this refund must notify info@zimexport.com in the mail or through our contact form.n the event that at the time of delivery the product is defective, Zimexport.com will handle the processing of repair or replace it with a new one based on the type of fault. In the event that the defect comes from an incident in transportation, it must be notified within 24 hours of receipt in the mail info@zimexport.com or through our contact form.
Zimexport.com will full refund of the sums paid by the customer, except the costs of product shipping. The refund will be made as soon as possible and in any event not later than thirty days from the product reception date by Zimexport.com or date on which the request of cancellation of the order by the customer when the order has not been shipped or not delivered within 60 days after the date of purchase. The refund of payments will be made in the same method in which it was completed the order payment for which a refund is requested
During Joint Purchases, the buyer can cancel the purchase up to 24 hours prior to the date of completion of the joint purchase. After that date, the buyer may request cancellation of the order only upon approval. Zimexport reserves the right to refuse the request of cancellation after that date. Products purchased in group purchases or promotional products can not be returned except in the event the product arrives damaged or present a manufacturing defect.
When you receive your package, make sure the product has not been damaged during transport. The package must be received in good condition externally, otherwise, note this fact on the delivery note, reject the shipment and report it to zimexport.com within 24 hours. If you've received the package in perfect condition but find that your product is visibly damaged, you must notify us within 24hs from the delivery date set out in the delivery note. Remember that we only have 24hs to claim the carrier for warranty, so you must communicate these facts within this period by contacting our Customer Service sending us an e- mail.
In case of products rejected (not received) by customer for any reason, only the value of product will be refunded excluding the shipping value to customer and any other fees and / or taxes arising from that return to origin.
Refunds are subject to 3% retention by the bank (non-refundable)

Remember that in case of return, it is your responsibility the integrity of the product and its accessories in case of damage during transport for returns.



Warranty and returns policies onNitro international co.,limited, hereinafter Zimexport.com
Once the period of 7 days after delivery has passed, the customer may return an order to Zimexport.com due to product defects according to the warranty law and terms and request for repair. Zimexport.com shall be liable to the buyer and shall make the necessary arrangements directly with the manufacturer.
You must send only the product in its original packaging preferably without accessories unless otherwise stated. Zimexport.com will be not responsible for lost accessories during transport to the manufacturer.
The update of software included ROM's must be performed by the customer at his own risk.
Please note that any modification of all or part of hardware or software (rom, opertative system, etc) can cause loss of warranty in case of an incorrect installation, unofficial rom or system root.

Zimexport.com is not responsable of official or unofficial rom or operative system errors and for third party applications incompatibility
Other reasons why the customer may lose the warranty:

Components subjected to electrical voltage or current surges.
Repair, modification or extension by unqualified personnel not authorized by Zimexport.com
Deterioration, removal or concealment of the warranty sticker and / or label containing the IMEI, serial number or other identification.
Shock or breakage attributable to misuse or accident caused by the customer or any damage caused during transport in case of return.
If the serial number and / or the IMEI doesn't match with the Zimexport.com database and the product can not be recognized as sold by Zimexport.com

Note that an LCD display / TFT can be considered as defective when it's present 3 or more adjacent pixels failed and / or 5 or more not adjacent pixels and is not provided the failure is attributable to misuse, change software (CMOS) or breach by accident by the customer.

Zimexport.com reserves the right to void the warranty if you believe that the failure may result in some of the above changes.
The customer must pay the return postage, if not meet the warranty requirements.
By general term, all the products have one year warranty (two years optional) from acquisition to expose the problem being three months for consumables (batteries, memory card, cable, adapters, etc.).
To process your warranty, contact us by e-mail to warranty@zimexport.com or through our contact form.
Products sent as "gift" and not included in the product description, have neither return nor warranty.